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31 December 2020 @ 12:00 am

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It's been a while since I've done a public photoshoot post. ^^; I think it's because I've gotten caught up with keeping track of my ACP account and coscom account that I'm not as motivated to pulically share cosplay stuff on my LJ anymore... Well whatever, I'll start off with the shoots I had the most fun with and hopefully I can stock pile from there. ^^

Recently I've come to realize that I become a lot more motivated to make something on my cosplay wishlist if there is a photographer interested in it. It also helps if said photographer has the same interest. So when I showed Sojian the manga series Franken Fran, I was half hoping that he was interested in helping me somehow bring the character Fran Madaraki to life (that and I was promoting Franken Fran like crazy because it's that awesome of a series). I mean, it's cool that it's a guro horror-comedy series, and that she has more than two arms when she's in surgery... and that she can detach her body parts... and she has a morbid interest in human life... Okay, I was more than stumped as to how to get past making the head pieces for her and drawing some scars on my face and hands. But Dan managed to help me go beyond that, so without further ado, here are some photos from the Franken Fran set he has on this page that I'm really happy with. :)

Pictures by Sojian
Fran Madaraki: itsuka
Blonde wig borrowed from evanae
Much thanks to amandier being a spare body for assisting in the shoot!

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If it isn't obvious already, I really like the manga series. And if you're alright with guro (that's pretty tame compared to other guro manga) and the craziness that goes on in Fran's head, then you can check out the completed manga! Let us be fangirls together....
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Early apologies for those who use their LJ accounts to lurk! ^^; After some thought to it, I decided to have yet another friends cut but I think this will be the last one because I went all-or-nothing with my cut. If you were removed from my friends list, it was because of one or more of the following reasons:
  • your account has been inactive for more than 6 months
  • aside from sparse exchanges in comments, we have never really talked
  • I don't feel much of a connection to you in shared interests, fandoms, etc.
  • I can't place the name to the face/comment (my memory is complete CRAP, sorry...)
  • I can get better hold of you via another platform (yes I am using my Facebook again)
This post can also be treated as a reverse friends cut as well. I hope there are no hard feelings (and none shall be thrown at you if you do decide to cut me)! If you want to be re-added, I will gladly do so. :) If you're still on my friends list, it's because I have a perceived notion that you still frequent LJ and care about what I write. XD;; (I guess this doesn't really help the lurkers...)
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PERMANON. Feel free to unleash your best and worst.
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Having literally no real computer access makes one become a lot less attached to the internet... so sorry if half of you don't remember this username. OTL;;; Right now I'm borrowing the house computer but I'm otherwise zoning out on my iPod Touch, reading up on schoolwork, and remaining low(er) key until I either have enough money saved up for a laptop, or... XD; But we'll see how that goes. In the meanwhile, here's some spammage for AC Paradise's Pandora Hearts contest, so if you like my entry please vote for me there! ^^

Pictures by epiic
Echo: itsuka
Much thanks to konishii for assisting~
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One of these days I'll post something with actual substance other than picture whoring cosplay... once I save up for the laptop. T_T!
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